February 06, 2006

Muslim protest in proportion

The Devil's Kitchen is getting a a bit critised for not putting the Islamic demonstration into context, how they are un-representative and just a very small minority group. OK, lets put it into context.

There where "more than 1,000" at one protest and 500 at another. Since they where on different days I will assume that everybody from the smaller protest went to the larger so that represents the total number of protesters in the population.

In 2001 there where 1588890 officially in the country.

So the protest represents 0.06% of the entire Muslim population currently in the UK. As has been pointed out a small percentage. However where a similar percentage of the entire population of the UK to stage a similar protest it would be 38,000 people.

The largest protest in British history was the Anti-War protest that managed 750,000 or roughly 19 times larger proportionately. The pro-Hunt protest that held the record before that was 400,000 or 10 times larger proportionately. It is also good to contrast the behaviour of the police in these two cases.

225,000, according to the organisers, where at the highly publisised Make Poverty History protest in Edinburgh, or roughly 6 times more proportionately.

200,000 people rioted over the Poll Tax, which was enough to bring down Thatcher. This is only 5 times more proportionately to bring down a Prime Minister.

These protests represent the equivalent of twice the total number of people involved in the the Battle of Orgreave during the miners strike. That is counting both sides.

So these protest weren't huge. But they were a significant proportion of the Muslim population with this very extreme viewpoint.


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